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Financial Services

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Financial Model Reviews

The financial model of your organisation is critical to the efficiency and operations of your service. Reviewing the financial model from the top-down is critical to the infrastructure of the organisation, with efficiencies observed through benchmarking, comparison analysis and improving the operating model. Financial efficiencies can often be garnered through investment and resource re-allocation, focusing on the organisations core focus.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Our partners operate in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, all partners seek to operate a surplus, rather than a loss. It is a contradictory idea that not-for-profit organisations are not required to make a ‘profit’. All organisations need to operate at a surplus, providing continuity of services. Conducting a cost benefit analysis on the existing organisation or future expansion plans is a critical component of evaluating sustainability and viability.

Business Model Reviews

The business model of services across the nation differs significantly upon their size, factors, strengths and weaknesses. The spot review of the business model that your service is using is valuable to ensure that contemporary methods, and contemporary efficiencies are utilised at every level of the organisation. Reviewing the business model in depth every second yeah (our recommendation) is key to ensuring that all levers of the organisation continue to run the organisation as a profitable, successful organisation.

Efficiency Analysis

Efficiencies are key to delivering optimum surplus, economies of scale and improved outcomes across the organisation.  Evaluating operational performance and benchmarking this data is critical to identifying existential and potential efficiency opportunities. Identifying, assessing and integrating efficiencies is a critical solution Rover Consulting offers clients across Australia.

Expansion Reviews

The continued evolution of the aged care sector requires constant innovation, attention to consumer expectations and a focus on sustainability and viability. The simplest tool to achieving sustainability and improved efficiencies is through increased size and economies of scale.

Expansion however must be a managed process, tentatively guided by demographics, consumer trends, regional competitors and government policy. Rover Consulting can complete an Expansion Review to offer you peace of mind when planning your next strategic expansion.

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