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Residential Aged Care

Residential aged care is a rapidly evolving aged care sector that will continue to grow and develop alongside the evolving challenges and opportunities within the market. Residential aged care services continue to require efficiency-building practices to compete in a differentiated, competition-based sector. The needs of those entering residential aged care continue to grow, with the following generations expected to exhibit further care needs, often exhibiting comorbidity.

Home Care

The Living Longer, Living Better reforms of the Australian Commonwealth Government revolutionised the aged care sector within Australia, with the Government announcing its strategic direction to increase the number of Australians residing in their own home with the assistance of home care. The deregulation of the sector, and the financial and societal needs of the community have been identified, with a healthy majority seeking to retain independence for as long as possible.


The disability sector within Australia continues to observe significant volatility, with the Australian Commonwealth Government working expediently to roll out the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS provides funding for individuals and organisations to deliver support and services to participants of the NDIS, with control over funding provided to consumers. The NDIS currently operates in seven locations; with a national roll out planned for the near future. Rover Consulting offers support services to registered providers.

Innovative Aged Care Services

The aged care sector as a holistic unit will continue to rapidly evolve within the contemporary Australian market, guided by key stakeholders such as; clients, governments, aged care and disability providers, family and. Community expectation will continue to influence the sector, with innovation key to ensuring that the rapidly evolving needs of the Australian frail and aged community continue to be catered.

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