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About Rover Consulting

About Rover Consulting

Rover Consulting was born from the need to provide value-added, ethically based consultancy solutions to our valued clients across Australia.

The professional team at Rover Consulting utilise resource-based solutions to large and small organisations across rural and metropolitan Australia.

Rover Consulting aligns itself with clients as collaborative partners, with a shared goal to strengthen and improve the aged care sector within Australia.

Our Mission

Rover Consulting is an ethically based consultancy organisation providing specific advice and project work to the aged and disability care sectors to strengthen their success and footprint in a rapidly growing industry ensuring they are at the forefront for the future.

Our Values


Rover Consulting utilise a methodology based upon fairness, openness and strict transparency.

Project methodology utilises relevant information in an honest and astute manner.


Rover Consulting was born from the need to provide ethically based services with transparent processes, this is core to our mission and is one of our prized values.


Respecting our partners and the end-users of the aged care and disability sectors is core to Rover Consulting’s mission.


Passion is a value Rover Consulting’s professional team share, this translates to a high drive for us to provide value added services to the aged and disability care sectors.